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About Honoring Choices Florida

“Honoring Choices Florida” is a program designed to sustain and spread an integrated, community-wide system to ensure individuals’ future health care preferences are discussed, documented and honored.


It is individually focused, community-based and provider-inclusive, establishing a process for individuals to create well-informed plans and for health care providers, community support systems and family to know and honor the person's health care wishes. Benefits include improved quality of life, continuity of care, respect for individual's wishes, and reduced anxiety of caregivers. 

What is Advance Care Planning?


It is all about the conversation. Advance care planning (ACP) is a process of understanding, reflecting on and discussing your experiences, values and beliefs in an effort to identify how you want to live if faced with a serious or life-limiting illness. It may include identifying the care you would want at the end of your life. It is important to choose someone to speak on your behalf if you are unable to make your own decisions, and take comfort in knowing that person will convey your wishes. You can also decide if you want to complete an ACP document to put your wishes in writing.  Finally, you will want to communicate your wishes to your family, friends, clergy, other advisors, physicians and other health care professionals to help ensure that your wishes are honored.

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