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Advance Care Planning

ACP Overview


Terms, Myths & Facts


Proactive ACP for COVID-19

Role of Surrogate for COVID-19



Fact Sheets


Advance Care Planning

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Artificial Nutrition & Hydration 

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Health Care Surrogate

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Hospice & Palliative Care


Tube Feeding

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Links to Other Honoring Choices Websites

Some of the states below are developing programs. By clicking on the name you will be taken to their website if the state has one, otherwise you will open an email to the coordinator.  If your state is not listed here, please email us to discuss your local resource options.

Joining the Honoring Choices National Network allows states to support one another as advance care planning programs are developed.  Members of the network have access to resources and take part in regular communication opportunities to give updates and describe growth and development, ask questions, and share ideas and materials in mutually beneficial ways. 




Links to Additional Resources

The Conversation Project

In Case of Emergency Smart Phone Apps


Respecting Choices


Legal Directives Online Portal

American Bar Association

Florida Dept of Health-Do Not Resuscitate Orders

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